#BigBadgerMosaic: Shoot selfies, not badgers!

Be part of the #BigBadgerMosaic -- shoot selfies, not badgers!

Culling badgers are inhumane, ineffective and expensive, yet the government is considering expanding the cull this autumn. A decision will be made very soon -- we must defend our wildlife now.
Join our #BigBadgerMosaic & be part of our campaign to remind politicians and other decision makers that people across Britain are opposed to the cull. 
Stuck for selfie ideas?
Your face is enough! A straightforward selfie will do just fine. But if you want to get creative why not wear a badger mask, paint your face, selfie yourself with your pet, or hold a 'stop the cull' message to the government? Please, no nudity or obscenities, these won't make it into the mosaic! If you upload a colour image we'll convert it to black and white for the mosaic.

You can include a short message with your selfie too, maximum 140 characters only, though, so keep it short!


Get sharing!
Once your image has been successfully uploaded to the #BigBadgerMosaic you'll be emailed a link direct to your selfie so you can share it with your friends and family, so get sharing and encourage them to get involved too! The most shared images will be part of the featured photos section on the home page!